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Scarlet the Harlot by DrewGardner
Scarlet the Harlot
Argrim's O.C. Scarlet all snug and secure.
 I drew her with her distinctive yellow eyes visible, but wasn't happy with them, so added the blindfold.
The pose isn't super-dynamic, but I wanted this pic to be more about the surface effect.
Michelle and Shelly by DrewGardner
Michelle and Shelly
Two original characters commissioned by Agent505
Michelle (on the right) can transform into a car, (!) and Shelley is shown in her mermaid form.
Note how I kept her tail in the water, and Michelle's feet on dry land..
Making this image was a bit tricky, because each character's upper body filled a page, then their legs on separate pages, and their positioning meant that the image ended up very large. Probably about 4 times the avergage size of my pictures.

The only reference I had of Shelley was in the Disney style, so I tried to draw them that way.
Catwoman's pussy by DrewGardner
Catwoman's pussy
Sorry about the awful title.

Catwoman from "Arkham City".
I tried to get her likeness down, and I think I did a pretty good job.
The BG is relatively quick, but effective enough.

I've got an upcoming commission of CopperHead from Arkham Origins too.

Oh, and I have to gloat; I broke my combo record in the "Riddler's Revenge" combat levels.
 I was trying to get the trophy for a 50+ combo, and my record was 44.
But last night I tried the "Iceberg Lounge VIP Room" level, where goons just keep coming non-stop, allowing for potentially endless combos, and I got a 113 strike combo playing as Catwoman!
 I'm sure I'll break that record tonight, I bet I can get at least 150..

Edit:(Shortly after writing this description, I managed a 200x combo with Catwoman! I doubt I'll top that.. )

Arkham fans, I'm interested in hearing some of your highest scores..
Gwen French-Maid by DrewGardner
Gwen French-Maid
Gwen's summer job as a House-maid in a luxurious mansion made her concerned about all the scrubbing she'd likely have to do.
But she completely forgot about menial labour once she first tried on the uniform she'd be wearing over the coming weeks.

It was positively the smallest french-maid dress she'd ever seen! It didn't even cover her hips, and the liberally cut undergarments left her feeling even more exposed.

Being a bit of a tomboy, she always wore flat shoes, and tottering around on high-heeled platforms made her feel like a newborn deer on a frozen pond! Gwen had no idea how she was going to get any work done in this impractical outfit, but clearly, her presence here in the mansion was less about cleaning, and more about being eye-candy for the occupants.. 
Raven Relaxed by DrewGardner
Raven Relaxed
I tried to make her as on-model as I could, though I took some liberties with her boots, and the cut of her bodysuit.
 I experimented with some of the air-brush effects on MangaStudio for the background.
Hi everyone!
 I have managed to get my website up and running, and new members are welcome.
I have just uploaded new updates, including brand new images of Daphne, Velma and Jasmine.
 There is also %100 scale versions of some of my better images from the last couple of years.

I will continue to post art here on deviantart, and am still taking new commissions.
If you would like a commission, or have questions about the site, you can note me, or email me at:

Upcoming commissioned images:
Diving Broads
Michelle & Shelley
Nani and Sharkgirl
Catwoman, Copperhead

Vote for September's "Tush of the month" 

327 deviants said Clover (Totally Spies)
189 deviants said Chun Li (Street Fighter)
178 deviants said PowerGirl
171 deviants said Vanessa Doofensmirtz (Phineas & Ferb)
116 deviants said Morrigan (DarkStalkers)
109 deviants said Kasumi (Dead or Alive)
76 deviants said Ada Wong (Biohazard 4)
74 deviants said Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed)
57 deviants said Linda Flynn (Phineas & Ferb)
16 deviants said Haruka Amami (IdolMaster)



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4552 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
Wish there was a way for me to join your site using banking but no choice for Canada :( really wish I could join love your art drew but yah if you could add that or a pay pal version I would join instantly!
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Great work. :)
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Your art is very beautiful. *0* Do you take commissions by any chance?
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I could have sworn I was since I discovered your gallery.

If not for the catwoman piece being featured in the catwoman club I don't know how long I would have stayed in my ignorance :ashamed:

PS: You're Awesome! :worship:
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Thanks for the Llama badge.
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Glad you like it! There is more Kim to come as always.
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