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April 26, 2004
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Rebelette by DrewGardner Rebelette by DrewGardner
This was drawn as a contribution to the SuperGirls Inc "Creator owned character theme gallery'. It features 'Rebelette', a superheroine created and owned by Mike Shoemaker.
The pic itself is pretty stright forward, but I spent a bit more time on the background than usual. only the figure and that lump of machinery that she is propped up against were scanned in as pencil... next time, I'll draw a whole background to colour.. I'm trying to improve my skills, you see.
Well, Enjoy! DREW
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this is awesome, anyone who thinks its racist needs a history lesson
This is really awesome!!! Did you do it in PS or Illustrator? Just wondering...
Good work!
ARK-Lancaster Dec 19, 2006
Good Rebelette, but my own better!!! ;)
Very awesome work, man. Rebellette seems like a cool heroine. Not enough southern heroes. :)

I know some people have been critical of the image for using the Rebel Flag, and though I know some people still use it as a symbol of hate and some people are offended by it, the majority of us in the southern US see it as a symbol of our regional pride, and nothing more. It would be cool to see an image of Rebellette and Miss Adventure fighting side-by-side to show that it's not a matter of racism. :)
gorgeous work.
She is very beautiful and you did a great job on her. Her green eyes are very striking. I can say that, although Confederate flags are a piece of Americana, I would not personally chose to display them or celebrate them. There are a lot of folks in this land who rally behind that symbol for the wrong reasons. There are still more who would associate anyone who uses that symbol as one of those short-sighted, hateful people. Both are mistaken, but I don't want to add to the problem if I don't have to.

I love the ol' General Lee and remember her from my Childhood and that is all I ever associted with the symbol. If I had her parked in my driveway, I think a number of my friends of color might be hurt by it.

Great work on the art nonetheless.
DrewGardner Dec 16, 2004   Digital Artist
Yeah, I got a lot of comments about that when I first posted this,which was quite surprising to me.. I bet that Mike Shoemaker (who owns this character) must recieve a lot of flack for it..
It's one of those things that I (as a non-american) didn't realy think that much about, but there's obviously a lot of history and tension related to the confederate flag,,,
But like you say, I also only related to this as being the symbol painted on top of the car on 'Dukes of hazard' for the longest time, and certainly don't have anything but respect for african-americans (more than I have for caucasian-americans that's for damn sure)..
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