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August 24, 2004
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Tammy in Orbit by DrewGardner Tammy in Orbit by DrewGardner
Hi folks. This is a picture of my super-heroine Tammy, AKA Miss Adventure, who will feature in
the comic that I am currently writing the script for, and will be drawn by the fantastical SHADE.
She has become my favourite hero to draw recently, so there will undoubtedly be more pics of her to come. Well, enjoy! DREW
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She is already on of my fav cartoon characters.
Dieggo-The-Hedgehog Nov 10, 2007   Traditional Artist
Very good!
Blucaracal Apr 17, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow dude she has a cool costume. . .the design is awesome. . .
NCWeber Dec 7, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh yes. Enjoy I shall. :nod:
I've had this saved up in my watch forever but at last I'm here to comment!

I love her pose -- so very super hero! :D And her outfit looks great (especially her golves.) The shading is excellent - I love the blue lighting! - especially on her legs. Her face is beautiful, too ... There's something about her expression... It's so human, like they took the picture before she was ready. I really like this piece, Drew. Even the Earth looks perfect!
DrewGardner Oct 28, 2004   Digital Artist
I'm glad you like it, coz I was hoping for you to whip up a pic of Tammy for an art-trade..
She is super-strong, and can fly, but she's not actualy very brave.. which is the cause for some embarrasment during battle with particularly spooky villains.

When I draw her, I try to give her face an african/american quality, rather than just draw a white girl with dark skin (if you know what I mean).
I'm still hanging out to see Storm too, and have been meaning to ask how that pic is proceeding.....

Thanx for the nice comment! :hug:
azraelengel Aug 25, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I love how smooth you always get your shading. Excellent background, as stated above. Can't wait to see more of this character strutting her stuff.

Looks gorgeous, as always.
DrewGardner Aug 25, 2004   Digital Artist
Thanx Azrael! I'm happy with the way this one turned out. Strutting her stuff is one of her super-powers actualy.. I have almost completed the first script for the comic, so hopefuly, it wont be too long before you get to see her in full-blown sequential action! I cant wait! heh heh. 8-)
miseryofpride Aug 25, 2004   Digital Artist
Kick ass hero! I love the shininess of her outfit. Though I love the heroine, the background attracted me first. Damn...I cannot make a Earth like that..okay I can't Earth like that or the orbit either ^^;;;
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